in lieu of

what can you give?


sarah loconto

I love to use this as a replacement for a “Thank You” gift, gifts in memory of someone and for on-the-spot charitable needs that I hear about in the news. It’s so easy and convenient to use that I can come across some need in the news and have a donation made in a matter of minutes. Likewise, instead of trying to figure out that perfect gift for someone who usually doesn’t even want or need a gift, I can do something more constructive.

carmine salvucci

I have used it for birthday gifts, in memory of a friend’s mother, as a thank you for dinner, to celebrate a friend’s retirement…all sorts of great reasons to surprise someone with an InLieu gift.

carol gormin

I like to use inLieu to let people know I am thinking about them and that I support their cause. I also find it interesting to know what causes people support – I have learned about some really cool non-profits since using inLieu. Thus far, I have used inLieu for birthdays, Mother’s Day, thank yous, loss of a pet, thinking of you or hostess gift, but the possibilities are endless!

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