inLieu Psychology: Why We Give Gifts


Why Do You Give Gifts?

We’ve all been ‘gifting’ since before we can remember because we want to show our love, appreciation, or gratitude. But, do those gifts we give really show what we are trying to convey, or are we just checking a box?

For most of us, the whole act of gift giving has been taught to us by our parents and society as a whole. And because of this, so many of us bring a bottle of wine for the host, or a gift card for the birthday boy without much thought. But, what if it were acceptable to show up empty handed…

When thinking about the emotional psychology of gift giving, studies on the topic have resulted in some pretty interesting findings: “Chan found that emotionally evocative gifts can also strengthen relationships. Emotional (gifts) can be very effective gifts in that regard.” So, if the most effective gifts are ones that are emotional doesn’t it make sense to skip the bottle of wine and donate to the cause they care about most?

We built inLieu for a multitude of reasons but one that is most important to us is; using inLieu as a tool to help people build authentic relationships.

This holiday season, join us in creating a movement of giving GOOD. Give inLieu when it feels right. We by no means want you to skip the gift you know your friend, family member or co-worker will absolutely love. Rather, we encourage you to gift with inLieu. Donate to your friends favorite cause, in lieu of the gifts that just check the box. Create impact this year, and give a meaningful gift that won’t end up in the landfill.