Breast Cancer Awareness Amplified with inLieu

Breast Cancer Awareness

Join us in creating impact today.

October is one of our favorite months of the year for a trifecta of reasons—Halloween, the start of fall, and most importantly the soul-warming number of initiatives dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

The main reason I built inLieu was to be able to easily support the causes my friends were passionate about. This way of giving would allow me to create deeper connections with my friends, as it sparked conversations about the causes that have impacted their lives. What I have discovered is how many of my friends have been impacted by Breast Cancer either directly or through someone they know.  I believe that with anything, we are stronger together and that we can fight this disease. We have already come so far, but we still have more road to travel. We can beat it. I know we can.

The below organizations help those diagnosed with breast cancer, and fund research to end the disease. 

Breast Cancer Research Foundation is an organization that provides funding for clinical and genetic research, with the goal of curing breast cancer in our lifetime. At least 85 percent of the money raised goes to breast cancer research grants and awareness programs.

Women At Risk

Is run by Columbia University Medical Center to improve the lives and health of women with breast cancer and women who are at high risk for it. Funds raised by WAR go to research projects, support, and education.

Young Survival Coalition

Founded by three women who were under 35 when they were diagnosed with breast cancer, the coalition focuses on women 40 and under who have breast cancer.

Barbells and Boobs

Barbells and Boobs aims to redefine the standard of care in breast health and improve the quality of life post diagnosis. They educate on the significant benefits of fitness. Engaging in consistent physical activity has been proven an effective intervention to: Reduce breast cancer risk, & Reduce post-treatment relative risks of recurrence, breast cancer mortality and all cause mortality.

These are just a few of the thousands of nonprofits dedicated to breast cancer initiatives.  Join our team in supporting these causes by donating via inLieu.