inLieu is changing the
way we give.

inLieu allows users to make donations in lieu of purchasing material gifts while making donating fast, easy and social! inLieu provides a live social feed of every transactions that can be liked and shared with friends. Just imagine one place where you can support your friends and the causes they love, reduce waste and the use of natural resources, increase social impact and awareness, and create a deeper and more authentic relationship with your community…

this is inLieu!


Meet the founder.

Out for a run a few years ago, I remembered that I had not purchased a hostess gift for that night’s Holiday party. I was short on time but knew that the last thing my friend needed was another candle or bottle of wine. I also knew that a much more meaningful gift, like a donation to her favorite charity, would be appreciated, especially since I met this friend while serving on a board for a nonprofit organization. But worry set in as I wondered how could I let the party hostess know, on the day of, that I had made the donation in her honor. Would my friend think I had simply shown up empty-handed? Frustrated and in a pinch, I resorted to grabbing a scented candle that someone had brought to my house for the same reason.

My challenge is really more about shifting behavior. I want it to be easy for everyone to turn material gifts into donations.

-Kathy Terry

As time passed, it became clear that there were many opportunities to make donations in lieu of material gifts, but I couldn’t find an easy way to do it. Several years passed after that scented-candle-debacle but I could not stop thinking about my idea so out of pure frustration I just decided to build the damn thing myself. I hope you use it as much as me.

For individuals.
Support your friends and the causes they love, it's quick, easy, and social. Donate to any nonprofit in the US on behalf of a friend. A wonderful gift alternative that creates lasting impact, and is 100% sustainable. Checkout the live activity feed allowing users to see who's giving and where. Send a customized gift to your friend via text, email or twitter and your recipient will never see the dollar amount. 
For nonprofits.
There is no easier way for your donors to give whether it’s at an event, supporting individual fundraising efforts or giving your supporters an easy platform to just make donations on the fly. inLieu does this and more. What if you could send a message and tell all your supporters to forget the swag, or the material gift, and use inLieu?